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Check if a URL is Malicious or Spam

Protect yourself from harmful websites by using our URL checker that employs Google Safe Browsing and VirusTotal technologies to detect malicious URLs.

To view the list of URLs that we have identified as potentially harmful, Click here.

Ensure Your Website's Security: Do a quick scan?

Enhance your website's security posture with a detailed analysis of its security headers. Click here to start

Check if your IP address is public

Knowing whether your IP address is exposed to the internet (public access) can help you identify potential security risks and configure your network settings accordingly. Click here

Check if your ID Card details are available online

Use this tool to check if your ID card information is publicly available online. This can help you stay vigilant against spammers and other malicious actors. Click here.

Check the strength of your passwords

Protect your online accounts by using strong passwords. Use our password checker based on the zxcvbn library to gauge the strength of your passwords.

You can also generate secure passwords here

Discover Maldivian Online Services

Explore our curated list of online services in the Maldives that you can access from anywhere, anytime. Check them out here.

Improve your grammar before tweeting

Don't let typos and grammatical errors detract from your message. Try our grammar checker powered by artificial intelligence!